Getting Started with OSVVM

Getting Started with OSVVM

The best way to get started with OSVVM is to run the demo examples.

Download OSVVM

OSVVM is available as either a git repository OsvvmLibraries or a zip file from OSVVM Downloads Page.

On GitHub, all OSVVM libraries are a submodule of the repository OsvvmLibraries. Download all OSVVM libraries using git clone with the “–recursive” flag:

$ git clone --recursive

Running the Demos

A great way to get oriented with OSVVM is to run the demos.

If you are using Aldec’s Rivera-PRO or Siemen’s QuestaSim/ModelSim do the following.

  • Step 1: Create a directory named sim that is in the same directory that contains the OsvvmLibraries directory.

  • Step 2: Start your simulator and go to the sim directory.

  • Step 3: Do the following in your simulator command line:

source ../OsvvmLibraries/Scripts/StartUp.tcl
build  ../OsvvmLibraries
build  ../OsvvmLibraries/

These will produce some reports, such as OsvvmLibraries_RunDemoTests.html. We will discuss these in the next section, OSVVM Reports.

If you are using GHDL, Aldec Active-HDL, Synopsys VCS, or Cadence Xcelium, see the OSVVM Script User Guide for details on running the scripts in these tool. The start up aspect for each of these is slightly different, however, once you get the simulator into OSVVM script mode, running the scripts is the same.